Most devout Indians dream of making the pilgrimage to Kasi, known as the Kasi Yatra, at least once in their lifetime. Kasi, Benares, Varanasi - no matter what name you call it by - is one of the oldest and the holiest cities as well as one of the most venerated in India with the Ganges flowing through it. Jul 05, 2016 · Kashi Yatra: Varanasi- Ghats. Recently my parents, in laws all of us travelled to Varanasi to perform the most famous Kashi yatra pilgrimage, which is the most sacred for Hindus. Lets make it very easy for the pilgrims. I have written a detailed information step wise on what ,when , & how ? required to complete your Kashi yatra. Kindly follow ... Varanasi or Kashi, an ancient city in Uttar Pradesh has Kashi Vishwanath temple as its chief attraction. The revered temple, the winding narrow lanes of Varanasi, the many auspicious Ghats of Varanasi, the famed Benarasi sarees and pans are some of the fascinating gifts that the city has to offer to a new visitor.

Jun 05, 2011 · After performing the pooja , we have to seek their blessings. Next comes Ganga Samaradhanai. The water brought from the river is worshiped and with feeding 4 pundits in “ Kala Bhairva Samaradhanai” the rituals in Kashi come to an end. Kashi has been a sacred place since ancient times. We see its existence in ancients scripts of Puranas, great epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha, For about four thousand years, this undying city has been the victim of all possible constructions, expansions during Hindu Raj and destruction, disasters during muslim invasions. The Kasi pilgrimage route and its connotations. In previous articles I had documented several aspects of yatra travel in general, and began focussing on our Kasi pilgrimage, particularly its significance and the ritualistic obeisance to Lord Siva at Kasi Viswanath Temple as prelude to the pilgrimage.